Easy integration only 2 javascript codes

Header Bidding is a newly pushed and launched programmatic technique that has a great potential. Header Bidding helps Publishers to monetize their inventory on the highest level. The idea of Header Bidding lies that different demand partners at the same time make bids on the same inventory, having more chances for Publishers to increase their income.

Header header bidding briefly:

  • paralel requests;
  • first price auction;
  • automatic ad server desigions;
  • only 2 javascript codes integration;
  • support passback’s;
  • faster responses (compering “waterfall”).

Easy integration. All you need to do is to copy/paste 2 javascript codes to start using header bidding. First to website header, second to your ad server.

Minimal latency. Content of your website delivers before advertisement, delivering better user expirience.

Higher fill rates. The more buyers available, the higher the chances are of filling all types of available inventory, including both premium and remnant (unsold) inventory.

Increased Control. All the demand sources are bidding at the same time, and you can control which sources have the ability to participate in the bidding process.

Why Header Bidding:
More than 75% of Western Publishers switched to Header Bidding monetization and finds this way far more successful and productive for making more cash. Effective and active usage of Header Bidding technique gives further important feature benefits for Publishers:
– increased income
– improved yield
– avoiding of a blank ads
– increased control

Therefore, taking into consideration those mentioned arguments, all the world is switched to this new technique of monetization (Header Bidding).

Contact: 1801 Century Park E 24th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA.

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